Signs that You Need to Upgrade Your CCTV Camera System!!

Today, homeowners choose to install a home security system to protect their homes from theft or check in on family members. Although surveillance cameras can last for years, they will eventually become outdated due to improvements and new technology. The system may work fine, but an old surveillance camera could leave you vulnerable to security risks.

Here are a few signs that indicate that your CCTV camera needs an upgrade.

Upgrade Your CCTV Camera System
Blurred Footage:

You should upgrade your security system if your CCTV cameras produce low-resolution images. If you can’t see the clip clearly due to graininess or blurriness, you should consider installing new high-resolution cameras.

Today, high-resolution CCTV cameras won’t cost you much, as advanced technology has made them affordable and accessible. The thing that will cost you more is the old, low-resolution cameras that will reduce your security, as you will find it difficult identify suspects and events clearly.

Difficult to Upgrade and Operate:

Today, security systems are connected to a network, which means you can access it through the internet. Upgradation of a security system will provide you more flexibility and scalability because you will be able to manage it through the internet.

Old security systems required all the components wired together, and management was possible where the system was installed. It means that you’d limited options when it came to installing and managing multiple CCTV cameras in different locations.

No Software and Hardware Update:

It is better to buy a new CCTV camera system if your security systems have never had a software and hardware update. The security systems are not completely exempt from security breaches.

Security system updates are essential to keep up with because they protect you from susceptibilities. Systems that have not been updated are more vulnerable to security breaches because criminals know the weak spots, and there’s no protection against them.

Incapable of Remote Access:

Since the security system is connected to a network, you can access the cameras from any place, any time, with the help of the internet. Previously, you could view your security clip through the on-site video recorder, meaning if you’re away, you would not be able to view the current happening of your property. A security system upgrade will allow you to monitor your property in real-time and take immediate actions against suspicious activities.

Limited Support:

You definitely need to upgrade your security system if there is no technical support available. Even if your system is in working condition, it could break down at any time. When this happens, you need to confirm that you get all the necessary support to get your system back up and running. Security system downtime can make you vulnerable to crime and attacks.