4 Reasons to Change Your IT Support AMC Provider!!

Reasons to change your IT support

The importance of IT Support AMC is known to businesses of all kinds. That’s why a large number of companies in Dubai invest in IT support AMCs and stay worry-free knowing that skilled IT professionals are out there to take care of all the glitches that may arise in their IT infrastructure. Chances are that your company has also signed IT support AMC with an IT service provider. However, most companies don’t evaluate if their current AMC provider is meeting their needs, fulfilling their demands, and providing full value to their money.

If your business is evolving, your existing contract is most likely no longer adequate. At such times, you need to revise your contract or even change your AMC provider.

Now, the question that arises is when should you change the existing IT support company?

In this blog, we will take a look at common reasons to change your IT support.

AMC Provider

You don’t want to commit to a long-term agreement.

Your existing IT support AMC is up for renewal but the vendor is pushing you to sign up for another 1-year or 5-year agreement. You are not happy with their service and feeling a bit reluctant to pay for long term. If this scenario sounds similar to your situation, you should look for another service provider for IT support AMC in Dubai who is ready to custom design your agreement or allow you to test their support before committing to a long-term contract.

Your current vendor doesn’t understand the urgency.

If your current IT support provider is taking hours before they start looking into a critical network issue, it might be a sign that the provider doesn’t understand how much you are losing due to their lazy services. Sometimes, a network issue can render everyone in your company helpless and the downtime costs your company literally thousands of Dirhams.

When technology, including IT systems and network, doesn’t work, you need them to be fixed quickly. A client-centric IT support company has a dexterous team of engineers, helpdesk, logistics, and management that is ready to serve your business on an urgent basis.

You don’t get IT support when you need it.

When the current IT support provider denies providing support outside the traditional business operating hours, again, it is a red flag that you need to change your IT support provider. Sign your IT support AMC with a vendor who provides the access to IT support seven days a week.

You don’t know what your IT support provider is charging you for.

If it is hard to know what your current IT support provider is doing and charging you for, it means the provider lacks transparency. Reporting is crucial, as it lets you know what they are doing for you monthly. The provider should resolve as many issues as possible without your intervention, generally called preventive maintenance.

Suppose any of the above reasons remind you of an uncomfortable situation with your existing support provider. In that case, you should start searching for an IT support AMC provider in Dubai who can resolve your IT issues regardless of daytime, understand the importance of your business, and send regular reports.