Troubleshooting Tips to Get Your Home Camera System Back To Full Color

Even if it is not dark out, the home camera system displays the image in black and white. The image doesn’t look clear and focused. The black and white footage is accepted in low light scenarios like at night time and a dark room, but not in other conditions. It looks annoying and prevents the observation of important details.

Getting black and white image in a home camera system even under ample light isn’t a good sign. It means something is causing infrared lights to stay on and it is no longer picking up enough light to create an image. There can be several reasons for this concern that are difficult to identify. So, you should troubleshoot the problem to get your home camera system back to normal.

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Things you can do to resolve the problem of the black and white image are:

Perform a power cycle

Power cycle means turning off the camera, waiting for a few seconds, and then turning it back on. In other words, you should reboot the home camera system. Sometimes, a glitch causes the infrared sensors on the camera to stay back. The power cycle process might clear any erroneous settings that prevent the camera from switching back to normal.

Inspect the camera lens

With infrared mode on, the camera processes how much light to filter to remain in infrared mode or switch back to full color. In case the sensor is obstructed, the camera assumes there is darkness all over, and thus, it gives the footage accordingly. To avoid obstruction, you should inspect the camera lens and wipe away any dirt or debris.

Check the cable and power

Sometimes, the home camera system gives a black and white image when it doesn’t receive the correct power or communication due to faulty cable and power supply. You can check this problem by unplugging and then plugging the camera. If the camera has the same problem, it means the cable and power supply aren’t perfect. It’s difficult to resolve this issue if you don’t have the right knowledge, so you should consult professionals.

Test the camera

After checking the parts and connections, you should test the home camera system. You should plug the camera into a working cable and ensure that the power supply is great. If the issue is the same, it means the camera is at the fault. You don’t need to work on other parts. In most cases, it’s difficult to fix the cameras. So, you should replace the camera and get a new one for your home.

For replacing the camera, you should check your manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty policies might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and supplier to supplier. They might not repair or replace the camera if it is damaged or installed improperly. So, you should be very careful.

With these troubleshooting tips, we hope the problem of the black and white image will get resolved and you will get your home camera system back to normal.