Things to know when you are setting up a VoIP or IP Telephony system in your office

With the new and advanced communication systems available in the market, it is a good time to replace your traditional communication system in your office. You can replace it with a more reliable and technologically advanced VoIP or IP telephony system for all your communication needs. It offers many benefits over the traditional communication methods used by businesses.

VoIP or IP Telephony system
What is IP or VoIP telephony system?

IP telephony is the mode of communication over the internet. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol but this is not it. A complete IP telephony solution offers communication over the internet to transmit voice, fax, texts, multimedia, and other forms of information digitally into one unified IP telephone system. Unlike traditional phone systems, the IP telephony system doesn’t use phone lines or circuit-switched telephony technology for communication purposes. It is a future rich and cost-effective business communication system for better connectivity and productivity over communication.

IP telephony systems are easy to install and configure than traditional phone systems. They also don’t require higher operational and maintenance costs over time. Also, apart from the internet charges you don’t have to pay any additional charges to your service provider.

So, if you are looking to set up IP phones or VoIP telephone system in your office then you should know about these common things related to this communication technology:

Things you need to set up an IP Telephony system

To connect over the VoIP system, you will need IP phones or regular phones with an ATA (analog terminal adapter) to convert your signal from analog to digital. Apart from this, you need following to set up a VoIP system in your office:

  • Broadband Internet Connection

  • Wired Ethernet Router

  • PBX Server

  • PBX Software

  • VoIP Service Provider

  • IP phones

What features you are looking for

Apart from making voice calls over the internet, a VoIP telephony system comes with many features like:

  • Teleconferencing

  • Voice Mail

  • Unified Messaging

  • Email Transcription

  • Caller ID

  • Call Screening

  • Auto-Attendant Feature

  • Call Waiting

  • Integration with CRM & other tools

Depending on your business requirements, you can choose from the VoIP services and features that best suit your communication needs for better productivity at the workplace.

Apart from these two basic considerations, there are some other things that you should decide when setting up a new IP telephony system for your office. For example:

  • You need to figure out how many users you will need to configure in your VoIP system.

  • You will need a fast broadband or internet connection in your office.

  • Buy your IP phones and other hardware from a trusted manufacturer of VoIP communication equipment.

  • Choose the right VoIP service provides for setting up and running your communication system.

You also need to work out on your budget for setting up the whole IP telephony system and find out the services that best fit with your organizational structure. You also need to find out a professional installation and service provider for setting up the things for you. If you are looking to install IP phones Dubai, you can search and find many IP telephony and IP PBX telephone system providers in the region.

Once you find the right VoIP service provider for your business needs, they will help you out with everything from finding the right hardware, features & services for your business to the setup and configuration of the whole system. A right IP telephony system in place at your office will increase productivity with better communication solutions into one unified telephone system.