A Beginner’s Guide: What is a PABX System?

A Beginner’s Guide: What is a PABX System?

A PABX System is a telephone network system designed for businesses to benefit from automated telephone exchange services, such as employee extension, attending and routing calls to various departments, and so on. Here, PABX is an acronym for Private Automatic Branch Exchange.

Installation of a PABX system becomes a necessity when you run a business in a fast-paced and dynamic market like that of Dubai. It allows you to enjoy a wide array of services, including call conferencing, extension dialing, after hour settings to route late hour calls, queuing waiting customers, managing multiple calls with outsiders that are connected to the public switched telephone system, holding music, and much more.

Installing a PABX System

In short, a PABX system has become an important part of businesses as it makes communication among employees and communication with customers much easier. Thus, the installation of PABX system must be done the right way with the help of a reputable service provider.

Salient Features of a PABX System:

While the features of PABX systems vary widely based on their models and brands, you can expect the following features a typical PABX system to have:

Voicemail to Email Service – The PABX system allows the user to convert the voicemail audio files and send them to required email recipients.

Auto-Attendant Service – Through PABX System, you can direct your customers to the required department to have their queries cleared easily without going through a telephone operator or receptionist with the help of a voice menu system.

On-Hold Music – The Music on Hold feature also comes with a properly installed PABX System. It means the system will play the hold music instead of being silent while customers are waiting. This helps in engaging the clients and helps them in waiting until the queue is cleared.

Call Forwarding and Call Recording – It allows you to forward and record the calls when unattended and play them for future references.

Types of PABX System:

In general, there are three categories of PABX systems, namely:

Analog PABX – The traditional type of phone system that uses copper wiring for voice and FAX system.
Digital PABX – Equipped with VoIP technology that uses the internet to transfer voice and video communication
Cloud-Hosted PABX – advanced version of digital PABX and the most common type used in today’s business world.

While cloud-hosted PABX systems are becoming increasingly popular, a large number of businesses in Dubai still use Digital PABX System.

Difference between VoIP and Cloud Phone Systems

Most often, the terms are used interchangeably on the same web page to refer to the same service. However, there is a little difference between the term “business VoIP” and “cloud phone systems”.

Here, a cloud is simply a way to describe how a VoIP company’s servers interact with each other and shuffle information. They both mean that the company maintains and owns the hardware of the phone service.

However, cloud phone systems are considered distinct from other PBX systems and fall under a different concept called Unified Communications. They offer ways to equip your team with various collaboration features, such as real-time presence, instant messaging, call analytics, and click-to-call functionality. If you want to install a PABX system in Dubai business that you recently started or are upgrading, you should discuss the features a model comes with and inquire if there is any other system in your budget that comes with advanced features. Getting their insights can be very helpful as they are dealing with these advanced communication systems for a long time and can offer you expert advice.